Who Really Represents YOU?

Dear Fellow Voters,

Early Voting has begun in Texas and will run through May 25, with Primary Day being May 29. We have a responsibility to be informed voters and choose the candidate who will best represent our values and interests. From following the 34th Congressional District Race, I have become increasingly weary of candidate Jessica Puente-Bradshaw, who campaigns as the "real conservative" but is up to her neck in DEBT and is beholden to special interests outside of our state. As a concerned citizen, I took the time to "follow the money" and found some interesting, yet disturbing, facts.

The following comparisons are accurate and taken from FEC reports:

As you can see, candidate Adela Garza is the ONLY candidate who can run a credible and competent conservative campaign! Adela Garza is someone who is known in our district and will take OUR values and concerns with her to Washington.

How can we expect someone to get our country's fiscal house in order when she cannot even manage to balance her own campaign budget?! And if Mrs. Bradshaw were to be elected, where would her loyalties lie - with us in South Texas or with her financial backers in liberal states like California and Minnesota?

Please take the time to inform yourself and others, but most importantly remember to vote either before May 25 or on May 29!


Fernando Trevino Jr


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