Thank You Message From Quico Canseco

The following was sent in from Francisco Quico Canseco after his victory in yesterday's Primary Runoff Election:

Last night was a resounding victory for our campaign. With your support, votes and prayers we were able to claim a 53% to 47% victory in the Republican Primary to win the nomination!

I am humbled and honored to have been selected as the Republican nominee to run against Ciro Rodriguez this November. As I have been campaigning across the district people have consistently said: we need to stop out of control spending in Washington, balance our budget, and focus on helping improve our economy. With your help we can look forward to running a vigorous general election campaign and fighting for issues to help our families, small businesses, and conservative values.

This could not have been done without your tireless support of our effort. In the coming days, weeks and months it is going to be critical that we work harder than ever to defeat Ciro Rodriguez. There is simply too much at stake in our country.

I hope you will continue to fight alongside me and our team as we take back the Texas 23rd Congressional District! Thank you!

With Great Respect,

Francisco Canseco


I am so happy that you won.  It shows once again that negative campaigning is the last refuge of a desperate man.  Good luck in your upcoming election!!  Keep it clean.

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