There's Reason to Believe Bin Laden is Encouraging Increase in Terrorist Attacks in Europe

An alert is expected to be issued Sunday to warn people traveling to Europe to be vigilant. In an interview Saturday, WTOP's National Security Correspondent JJ Green said:

"There's reason to believe that Bin Laden has become more active in encouraging his terrorist associates in Pakistan, as well as al-Qaeda affiliates in other parts of the world to step up their attacks against Western targets. He's delivered that message to them."

"[The State Department] is being judicious and cautious. They are giving people the information they need and letting people make their own informed decisions, as opposed to scaring people by warning them not to go to all of Europe which is a really big place."
"Mass transit and large outdoor gathering places really concern officials because of the potential of an explosive device being planted."
"So many of those old world places in Europe have outdoor locations that are perfect hiding places for these things."
"So people are being told wherever you go whether it is in or outdoors to be vigilant, but be especially so in transit hubs and in huge outdoor gathering places."


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