Three Random Thoughts - O'Donnell's Witchcraft; DC Mayoral Race; Senator Jim DeMint

A few thoughts this morning hit me. We are now finding out that Christine O’ Donnell dabbled in witchcraft as a young lass, but given the choice between a witch and bearded Marxist, vote for the witch and burn the Marxist. (By the way, remember when Hillary Clinton held séances with Eleanor Roosevelt when she was first lady?)

One of the most interesting and least talked about race was the DC Mayoral race. You had one liberal candidate who implemented education reforms in one of the worst educational system in the country. Another liberal, backed by the teacher unions, wanted to roll back those reforms. The reformers and parents lost. The hidden divide within the ranks of the left was exposed and the reformers sent packing. When Republicans and conservative talk about repealing Obamacare and reforming it, they are called extremists. When the left want to repeal educational reforms instituted by fellow liberals, they win primaries and even a few general election in blue states.

Finally, Jim DeMint may become the most influential Senator in the upcoming Congress as many of the Senatorial candidates he is supporting are now ahead in the polls.


As a lifelong, Reagan Republican, can I please have my party back from the Tea Party wackos?

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