The Three Year War, Thoughts on Last Night's Health Care Vote

This is a letter I sent out regarding the health care bill vote:

To my fellow conservatives,

This is a three year war. This email is to talk about the impact of last night healthcare vote upon the 2010 congressional election and the 2012 Presidential election. First, this victory will embolden the Democratic Party into a more radical agenda between now and the congressional election. The second is that this will encourage Democrats to fight for every seat to ensure that their big government legacy can't be reversed.

Take Nevada, for we hear repeatedly that Harry Reid is toast but Reid will have unlimited funds and there is movement afoot by Democrats to put up a “Tea Party” candidate to split the Republican vote. (There is a Tea Party candidate on the ballot now and there is evidence that the Democrats had a hand in his efforts to get on the ballot.) The purpose is to sow confusion among Tea Party members and hurt the Republican nominee chances while giving Reid a chance to steal an election he should lose. The Democratic left will do anything to win, anything.

My biggest concern is that too many Republican strategists and pundits assume that all we have to do is show up and we will win Congress. We have failed to see is that the Obama administration has co-opted many industries including much of the auto and the pharmaceutical industries, and this will translate into money going into Democratic candidates coffers. Citizen United decision opens up corporations ability to give more to political campaigns, but there is no guarantee that we will get even half of these dollars. The Pharmaceutical industry is preparing ads to defend Obama government take over of health care and don't forget the impact of wealthy leftist donors just as George Soros. We will be outspent in both election cycles.

Another concern I have is that we are failing to look at the big picture. Even if we win both houses of Congress in 2010, we can’t reverse the Obama agenda already voted in; only to stop what has yet passed. This is why Obama will try to get other portions of his agenda passed including a form of cap and trade as well as union card checking. We can only reverse Obama take over of health care if we obtained the Presidency along with Congress.

We need to view the election as a three year process that begins now and ends when a conservative Republican committed to reversing Obama big government programs is inaugurated January 2013.

Every vote will count in 2010 and 2012, which is why Americas PAC will continue our minority campaign but we are writing new ads dealing with opposing cap and trade as well as stopping Obama war on investor. Last night, the Democrats declared war on prosperity.


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