Like Tiger's Wife, Take a Nine Iron and Smash the Windows of Big Government!

Tim Pawlenty, one of the only Conservatives from Minnesota spoke at the 2010 CPAC event. He reminded us that last year, at CPAC 2009, the pundits were predicting that America was entering an era of 20-30 years of liberalism. Boy, were they wrong!

Pawlenty, then asked the audience if they heard about Obama recently speaking to an elementary school and using a teleprompter. "Are you kidding me!?" he exclaimed.

Tiger Woods is going to hold his press conference today, and Pawlenty says this is a huge event. We can learn a lot about this situation he went on to explain. Not from Tiger, but from his wife. "She said she’d had enough, and we’ve had enough," he said. "I think we should take a nine iron and smash the windows out of big government."

He then said we must offer solutions in a positive way. We will be govern this country again, and this time, we must govern the way we say we're going to. "I say to all those nay sayers, if it was good enough for the founding fathers, it's good enough for any one of us."

He then made an Obama joke saying, "If spending was an Olympic sport, Obama would be a repeat gold medalist."

Pawlenty gave Obama a take home message, "Mr. President, no more apology tours, and no more giving Miranda rights to terrorists in our country!"

Pawlenty gave the CPAC audience a great speech, and made statements many Republicans want to be hearing right now.


I am sick of hearing about Tiger woods.  I liked him better as a golfer than as a tool for catchy media titles.

...kinda like my government.  I prefer a government of substance rather than an overcomplicated, partisian mess.  I prefer the government my teachers told me about when I was a kid, where there were principles, not spin and cynacism.  I prefer a government where I can pay my fair share of taxes and feel like my elected officials represent my interests.  I also prefer a government that is innovative and strong, yet a government that is consistent with its core and exercises restraint in crisis.

I guess I prefer anything but my present government under either our current or past president.  I prefer anything EXCEPT a republican or a democrat.

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