Time to Eat the Dog?

If an environmentalist woud not be caught dead driving an SUV, then why isn't he or she afraid to walk their dog in public?

Owning an SUV and owning a dog may seem like two completely unrelated topics; however, they have a lot more in common than you might think...

Both a New Zealand study entitled, "Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" and scientists at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, U.K. all found the same results:

Resources required to feed a dog — including the amount of land needed to feed the animals that go into its food — give it about twice the eco-footprint of, say, building and fueling a Toyota Land Cruiser.

While Seattle prides itself as being a "green" city, the city's dog tally reaches 125,000 dogs. Apparently, this "green" city has made a "brown" exception.

Spokesman for Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels "somehow appeared not to find the matter urgent" and Seattle Mayor-elect Michael McGinn didn't respond to the inquiry. While Seattle mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan's spokeswoman (who happens to own two St. Bernards) "refused to relay questions on the topic to Mallahan," she did offer the fact that Mallahan drives a Prius, which she seems to think makes him very "green." It looks like she may need to read Texas GOP Vote's previous post on this issue, "Want to be Environmentally Friendly? Skip the Prius, Buy a Hummer!"

And no, we should not start killing our pooches to make the world greener but how about giving the SUV argument a break!


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