Times Square Car Bomb and Pittsburgh Marathon Scare

An SUV parked on 45th Street in Times Square was found loaded with explosives Saturday night. A T-shirt vendor noticed that the SUV was smoking and alerted a nearby police officer prompting Times Square to be evacuated and Broadway shows to be canceled. "We avoided what could have been a very deadly event," Mayor Bloomberg said Sunday morning.

Packed inside the dark green Nissan Pathfinder were three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two full five-gallon gasoline containers, two clocks, some electrical wire, and a metal gun locker.
. . . Bloomberg said the bomb scare is another reminder that New York is a terrorist target and everyone has to be vigilant.

The license plate on the SUV did not belong to the vehicle and has been traced back to a man who left it on a car in a Connecticut repair shop. Police do not know yet who is responsible for this act of terrorism.

There was yet another bomb scare Sunday near the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Reportedly, the officer on scene said the device was a microwave with a pipe bomb inside. The device was safely detonated. Police are hoping that reviewing the security cameras in the area will help them find the person that left the device.


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