Today I Became a Republican

The following email was written and sent to the Republican Party of Texas by a Texas Democrat and working mother who has had enough. Today she is a Republican. Please share her letter with your friends and family on facebook and wherever else they might be reached.

Today I Became a Republican
The proposed 39.6% tax increase is supposed to only affect the wealthy. But as software engineer, married to an electrical engineer, I don’t find myself “wealthy”. And faced with working full time for uncle Sam, I am shocked. Two years ago I stopped working to have children. Now that it is time to return to work the government is saying my household will pay 40% in taxes. It would actually be cheaper to “live in sin”. The tax savings of being single but living together would pay the house note, taxes, and insurance for a year. Last time I checked, keeping your home paid for was good for the economy.
Furthermore, I view this as punishing women who choose to have a family and a career. Yes you can become a nurse, a DBA, or a broker, but be prepared that if your husband does the same then all of the ladies' income can go to pay joint family tax bill.
Next, I ask why are we punishing financial achievement? It takes a lot of work to make money especially in this economy. I believe in a flat tax. If churches can make it on 10% why can’t Uncle Sam. I guarantee that if everyone rich or poor paid 10% then poor would be more motivated to get rich and the churches would have more to do “charity work” for the needy.
No refunds, no credits, no loop-holes, no deductions. You owe 10% today. States should follow TX and pay taxes on what they buy. If you can’t pay the tax then you just don’t buy it. Do you believe in National Health Care? Then please mark “National Health Care” on your tax filings and submit your donation to the public cause along with payment of your tax bill. Employers should not have to pay taxes for creating jobs. I hired you, you are now making money. That money will be taxed. I don’t owe money for creating a job. Are you concerned about the elderly? Then care for your parents. Are you concerned about retirement? Then start a side business or invest which helps the national economy.
39.6% tax rate - The British of colonial days would laugh.
Yes, today I became a Republican. Left unchecked the Democrats are going to create a flat rate paycheck for all jobs. If they have their way, we will all get to keep 10% of what we make and every dollar above that will go to support those whose 10% doesn’t cover their needs.
The American Rice Bowl syndrome? Who would have thought we would like to see this day?


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