117th Congress

Even at times when we seem irreparably polarized, the truth of the matter is there are real opportunities to address some of the biggest challenges facing our country in a bipartisan way.
The best way to protect our Nation’s ‘full faith and credit’ is to stop this reckless spending spree and get our fiscal house in order.
The freedom to work with faith-based agencies is vital to many foster families. Many studies have shown that faith is often a key motivator in a family’s decision to foster children. Families recruited through church or...
Make no mistake: The debt ceiling is not merely about past spending. It’s about making room for new wasteful spending.
At a time where American sheep and goat producers are facing extreme predation, increased labor costs, and loss of federal grazing land, this administration must remain laser focused on opening up new export markets for...
As cross-strait tensions between China and Taiwan worsen, the United States must deter Chinese aggression by providing Taiwan with the appropriate support and defense capabilities.
I am very happy with the final NDAA, which ensures that Texas’ 13th District will remain at the forefront of the national defense conversation, guarantees our military’s readiness and competitiveness, and protects...
Ending forced labor—and holding China accountable for these gross abuses of human rights—must be a global effort. America should lead the world in halting China’s brutality, and all democracies around the world should join...
I applaud my colleagues in the House for moving my legislation, which would help prevent conflicts of interest and ensure federal judges are subject to the same level of transparency as other officials.
It is time that we start pulling the curtain back to expose China’s brazen and relentless intellectual property theft.
Jesus left home – in more ways than one – so that ultimately He could make a home for us, bringing us (regardless of our background) into His household through His death and resurrection.
The Democratic Leader is on track to miss yet another deadline.
Legislation I authored was included in this year’s NDAA to benefit Texas military instillations and servicemembers as well as support ongoing national security efforts.
The construction industry is no stranger to labor shortages, with over 410,000 open jobsin October. As a result of labor shortages, high consumer demand, and COVID-related shutdowns of ports and factories, it has experienced...
The percentage of homicides for which someone is criminally charged has steadily declined from over 90 percent in 1965 to under 65 percent in 2018 – resulting in more than 250,000 Americans becoming victims of homicides for...
Establishing the Blackwell School as a National Historic Site will cement its rich, complicated legacy for generations to come.
Republicans fought hard to defeat the Democrats' poison pill provisions and attempts to defund our military.
The establishment of a Center for Democratic Resilience within NATO will further allow the organization's mission of promoting liberty, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law to flourish.
H.R. 6064, introduced by Republican U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls of Richmond, would improve the VA’s disability exam process for survivors of sexual trauma.
With our debt skyrocketing and inflation at the highest levels in thirty years, we cannot afford to think about appropriations bills in isolation.



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