The 2016 Candidate Resume Fraud Folder

The 2016 Candidate Resume Fraud Folder is dedicated to documenting the truth on Texas candidates (Democrats and Republicans) who have fraudulently exaggerated or purposely omitted key information about themselves to deceive or hide information from voters. For contemporary case studies of candidate resume fraud, please view the documentation in the Candidate Resume Fraud Folder on candidates Philip Hayes, Dawn Buckingham, Boris Miles, and others. Updates will be added throughout the 2016 election. It is significant to note that for each of these candidates— their resume fraud exaggerations and omissions were exposed with investigative press and community reporting.

Borris Miles ran unopposed as the incumbent in the 2016 Democratic primary for Harris County's State Representative District 146, but not without a resume fraud controversy.
Philip Hayes was a 2016 Republican candidate for an open State Representative seat in East Texas (District 5). He claimed to have earned two degrees (bachelors and masters) from SMU.

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