2016 Elections

State Representative Jonathan Stickland is campaigning for reelection to Texas House District 92, which comprises a portion of Tarrant County and spans suburban Fort Worth. The following is a running list of the hypocrisies...
"It just seems out of character for someone who portrays himself as being so righteous," Brown said.
It’s not every day that a liberal paper like the San Antonio Express News calls a Republican “powerful” but it did! If you have ever met with Congressman Lamar Smith then you know that he is a mild mannered, polite man.
“O, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.” -  Sir Walter Scott
This Saturday, November 14, there is a potential game-changing event being held for the very first time in the Houston area.
Fun was had by all inside a country dance at Cook’s reelection kickoff – but, out on the street there was a small protest led by staffers paid by Tim Dunn who clashed with police and tried to use their disrespect for law...
Hispanic Republicans of Texas - November 2016 is still more than a year away, but for many organizations and candidates the campaigning has already started.
The 2016 GOP Primary Hypocrisy File is dedicated to documenting the truth on Texas candidates who say one thing on the campaign trail but do another thing in their professional and personal lives. View the documentation file...
To say you’re opposed to illegal immigration as a candidate and then to employ illegal immigrant workers in your business is political hypocrisy and business dishonesty
Video also shows Texas Right to Life President Jim Graham was ecstatic about police citations that he and Sullivan would later use as tools for fundraising
On Monday, some folks are once again planning to protest the reelection campaign of Texas House State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook.
Interesting that the truth is always something conservatives claim they want, but in this particular case, Truth is just a ‘word’, “our ethics and principles are based on the Founding Fathers documents.” This is on...
What’s prompting Neugebauer, 65, is unclear— whether the decision is based on health concerns, re-election concerns, far-fetched preparations for an appointment in the next potential administration, or a six-term congressman...
Now that the legislative session is well in our rearview mirror, Republicans across the state are getting into “campaign mode.”



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