2019 Houston Mayoral Election

I had a front row seat for the Houston Mayor's election runoff and with your indulgence, a few observations.
Buzbee asked a question of his fellow citizens recently, "Can anyone look at the present state of Houston city government and say: Let's have four more years of this?"
Below are the questions we asked City of Houston candidates and give a letter grade based on their responses. In some instances there was no response, like Sylvester Turner, who doesn't want your vote.
There are only two days left to vote - today, the last day of early voting and of course Tuesday, Election Day, November 5th - which means conservatives have only two days to change the direction of the city of Houston.
If the July 15th campaign finance reports, which cover the period from January 1 - June 30, are a reliable indicator, then the race for mayor of Houston is shaping up to be a two-way contest.
The City of Houston has many challenges, deteriorating infrastructure, public safety is not treated as number one, crime is on the rise, and equipment for the fire and police are not adequate. We had a major flood event over...
I recently had a front row seat in the City of Houston runoff race between Sylvester Turner and Tony Buzbee.
In the Houston Mayor runoff on December 14, 2019, one thing is clear - Sylvester Turner is doing all he can to make partisan a non-partisan race. In the modern history of Houston elections, Turner is the first candidate...
The runoff for Houston Mayor is December 14, 2019. There is a stark choice, Tony Buzbee, an independent fiscal conservative who expects accountability and significant progress in curing Houston's chronic problems, or career...
If you have been following the Houston Mayor's race you noticed former Governor and now Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry weighed in a second time on candidate Bill King.
Sylvester Turner
Sylvester Turner, when elected Mayor of Houston narrowly in 2015, ran as a smart policy candidate whose long record of elected office enabled him to see through all the BS.

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