Constitutional Convention

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is promoting an Article V Convention of the States to make changes to the United States Constitution. In a speech at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, Abbott proposed nine amendments he said would rein in the power of the federal government.

Not all conservatives agree this is a good idea. Some grassroots activists worry that liberals would hijack a convention of the states to insert their progressive agenda into the supreme law of the land. There are concerns that such a convention could open up the possibility of a complete rewrite of the Constitution, including things like guaranteeing the right of a man to enter a woman’s bathroom or stripping out the Second Amendment.

Other conservatives think Gov. Abbott is right to argue that the federal government is out of control and the only way to stop its constant overreach is to make changes to the nations’ founding document. Abbott wants to allow states to override federal laws or U.S. Supreme Court decisions if two-thirds of them disagreed and require a seven-justice supermajority for U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Where do you stand in this debate? Find out more in the articles below and decide for yourself!

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