As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I recently joined my colleagues in passing a multi-billion-dollar supplemental funding bill to further address the ongoing coronavirus—also called COVID-19—situation in the...
I appreciate the Fed’s action to safeguard the gains we’ve made in the face of challenges, and urge my fellow Democrats to reconsider their plans to raise taxes. America’s economy is more resilient thanks to the pro-growth...
I appeared live on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with Sandra Smith to discuss U.S. response to coronavirus and Super Tuesday.
I issued the following statements regarding my recent meeting with members of the German Bundestag; federal efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus; speaking on the floor on H.R. 2339, the Protecting American Lungs...
I said the following about the Coronavirus outbreak yesterday on a call with Texas reporters.
The three new cases are among the evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that arrived at Lackland Air Force Base a week ago.
The state's first coronavirus case identified outside of a Texas quarantine site is a man in his 70s who lives in the Houston area.
The health and safety of the people in Texas is our top priority. We need to take every necessary precaution to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect lives, and to do so we need to understand the science and...
The San Antonio patient is back in quarantine, and local health officials are working to identify who they came into contact with.
Incoming Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz told Breitbart Texas his agents are better prepared to deal with the threat of the Coronavirus than any other law enforcement agency.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offers tips for planning for a possible pandemic in relation to the Coronavirus on a preparedness website.



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