Harris County GOP

You've heard it before; "Keep Harris County Red".   Or, "Turn Harris County Red."  Some others out there want to "Turn Harris County Blue".  What does all of that even mean??
I always talk about local elections and the importance of making your voices heard. School board elections, college system trustee elections and city council elections are ones that I often think of when I think local. As...
It's bound to happen. Your favorite candidate is forced into a runoff election. So now what? You do this: 
Okay, I hear you.  You're thinking, 'judges'?  Like, the book in the Bible? No, silly. I'm talking about black robes and white powdered wigs and gavels.  You know, the people who are elected at the ballot box to make...
Tuesday, May 24th, Paul Simpson, Harris County Republican Party Chairman won his bid for re-election after being forced into a run-off by slate mailer endorsed candidate Rick Ramos.

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