ID and Tax

"ID and Tax" is a system where unauthorized immigrants would be issued tamper-proof IDs, taxed at the same or a higher rate than American citizens, and required to work for employers who deduct and match taxes. Find out more about the problems we face and solutions below.


At the December meeting of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce, Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle (R-150th) and Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy Founder Norman Adams teamed up for a fascinating debate...
This week thousands of Republican Convention Delegates and Alternates from across Texas will travel to Dallas. The majority will arrive Thursday afternoon or Friday Morning, and return to their homes Saturday night. However...
Republican Candidate, Pastor Stephen Broden (TX-30), has been rising every day as one of the main candidates to support in this upcoming election! We need MORE people around the country to support him with donations RIGHT...
This is a plea to my fellow conservative Republicans! Did you attend a Tea Party prior to the 2010 election?



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