Trump Takes Early Lead in Run for White House - Thank God for a Fighter!

In a poll released Friday by Public Policy Polling, Donald Trump has come from nowhere to take the lead among early Republican candidates for the nomination in 2012.  I, for one, am grateful he is in the race.  We don't yet know if Trump will run or not, but so far, the biggest negative about him in presidential polling is that he hasn't yet made up his mind!

An important lesson must be learned by any person who is considering seeking the Republican nomination in 2012 - You must bring the fight to Obama.

No matter how badly President Obama has performed in his first term, he still carries all the power of an incumbent president seeking re-election.  That is a powerful force that must be attacked, and attacked directly.  Donald Trump has demonstrated he is ready to bring that fight directly to the Obama White House and they have already responded, showing their fear of the fight.

Trump has brought credibility and resources to the investigation about whether Obama is even qualified to run for president.  He has attacked Obama's weakness in foreign policy and military decision making.

One of the main reasons for the failure of John McCain's campaign in 2008 was his refusal to attack Obama head on.  His "My Friend" style went over like wet toilet paper and had just about as much tensil strenght.  Trump is showing that Obama is not and should not be off limits.  Obama is no longer the inexperienced rock star pontificating about hope and change while never addressing what that change was.  Now he is an incumbent president with a record of failure... A record that MUST be attacked and attacked aggressively by whomever seeks to displace him.

For now, that attack is coming from Donald Trump. Would I vote for him over Barrack Obama?  Darn right I would!  Would I vote for him in the 2012 primary election?  That I don't know.  But I do know I am glad he is in the race and I hope the rest of the field of corn fed Republicans take not of the reaction to his courage of attack and decide to engage in the debate.

One of the main duties of the President of the United States is to hire key executive management staff. This was one of my main concerns about Candidate Obama.  He had zero hiring experience and it showed as he took nearly a year assembling what turned out to be a pathetic Cabinet.  Perhaps The Donald will run a special episode of "The Apprentice" to bring real transparency to the White House Executive Wing.

From his opening volley at Ron Paul supporters at CPAC 2011, to his strong attack on the President's record, Donald Trump has proven he is ready to be engaged and engaged fully.

Thank you Mr. Trump.  Now on with the fight!



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