TSA Searching Air Travelers (Video) - Have we sacrificed liberty for the sake of "Enhanced Security"?

In 2001 we experienced something most Americans had never seen before.  An attack by a foreign enemy on US soil resulting in massive loss of life. We demanded answers!  We demanded security! We demanded the government DO SOMETHING to make us safer!  The result - The Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, big expensive scanners and intrusive pat downs!  Did we get what we asked for?  Watch video of TSA security pat downs and consider whether the U.S. air security "system" has worked in the past or should work better now... and then answer that question for yourself.

One of our nation's founding masterminds, Benjamin Franklin, said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  Apparently the folks at Homeland Security took the last part of that quote to heart as under the current system we have neither liberty or safety!

Today we live in a world where phones can be tapped without a court order, where laws designed to be used against terrorists are used against average Americans, where innocent children are being molested by agents of the government who are not even suspected of having committed a crime and where we have thrown the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution in the trash. For those who may not remember, one of the main causes of the Declaration of Independence was the warrantless searches and seizures of Ameircan homes by British soldiers in the mid 1700s. 

Perhaps, at first, we allowed this intrusion because it seemed like it was "only taking away the rights of terrorists or other criminals".  Perhaps it seemed that our individual rights could never be stolen through this process of seeking security.  Perhaps you felt like it would only effect others and never you, or your loved ones... 

Now we allow government agents to strip search in public, an innocent little boy, to humiliate a veteran flight attendent by making her remove prostetic breast implants from her bra, to creating health and sanitary risks by damaging the colostomy bag of another cancer survivor; all of whom were not suspected of ANYTHING other than wanting to travel by airplane.

How's that working for you?  To date, not one single terrorist has been caught by a TSA agent through this or any other Homeland Security screening process.  Janet Napolitano told us the capture of the Christmas Underwear Bomber was proof the system is working!  WHAT!?  Is that woman crazy?  Let's see. A radicalized Muslim is allowed to board an airplane headed to the United States with a bomb on his person.  He paid cash for his ONE WAY ticket, had no passport or luggage and oh, BY THE FLIPPIN' WAY, his father has reported him to competant (I use the term lightly) authorities as being a probable threat. He was only subdued by passengers on the plane when his own incompetance prevented him from setting off the bomb and passengers thought lighting his underwear on fire was a "little odd".  THAT is our working security system?  Janet - YOU'RE FIRED!

Who is watching the watchers?

Who's Watching the Watchers

Clearly we have gone too far with this.  If we cannot role this monster back into its cage, then truly we do not live in a free society and Osama Bin Laden has won. But, it is not too late.  We must take action against the government here and everywhere they attempt to encroach on our freedoms.  We must charge the new Congress with the responsibility of rolling back many of the over-zealous aspects of the Patriot Act and Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security Department that would rather suspect a returning war veteran than a Muslim foreign student. Congressman Lamar Smith (R-San Antonio TX) will chair the Judiciary Committee which holds oversight jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security and TSA.  We must demand public hearings. We must demand oversight. And, we MUST demand ACTION!

The Pat-Down (Shake Down)


Is there any doubt at this point that we have given up liberty for security? What are you willing to do to fix this situation?  Will you demand your rights be returned to you? Or, will you continue to allow the molestation of innocent people; giving up both liberty and freedom?  The terrorists are winning folks!  It is time to take our country and our liberties back!

What say you?




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