Two Calif. Congressmen Sell Out for Health Care Bill (Again)

You can practically hear the elbows popping, kneecaps cracking, muttered threats and wheedling going on in the blacked-out back rooms of Congress right now. No doubt slush is being pushed out of the unused billions in the 2009 “stimulus” bill and other appropriations and promised to Congressmen in certain districts to gain a YES vote on national health care. We will never likely know the full extent and depth of the corruption and bribery that is surely taking place right now.

However, there is reason to believe, that once again, two lily-livered Blue Dog Democrat Congressmen from the Central Valley of California have sold out AGAIN for a yes vote on national health care.

The Republican National Congressional Committee “CODE RED” website reports that a news release yesterday from the U.S. Interior Department to “turn on” the water to California’s Central Valley farmers appears to be timed to garner the YES votes on national health care from the two Congressmen in the Valley who already sold their votes once before on this issue. (Department of Interior news release here)

Until now, the Obama administration, enabled by liberal enviro-nut Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) had refused to give the farmers their historically-available supplies of water for irrigation. The water was severely cut back after environmental groups filed lawsuits to protect a two-inch bait fish called the “Delta smelt” which was deemed to be endangered by the loss of river water to the farm fields which provide fruits and vegetables to much of the U.S.

The loss of the irrigation killed the agricultural season last summer and caused 40% unemployment in many of the affected counties.

(See background on story here)

Lots of media attention was focused on the bribes to two senators to obtain their “yes” votes on the Senate’s national health care bill in December: there was $100 million promised  to his state for Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebr.) (The Cornhusker “Kickback”) and $300 million given to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louis.) in what was dubbed “The Louisiana Purchase.”

What was reported here but didn’t get a lot of attention nationwide was a deal that dwarfed the Nebraska/Louisiana Obama give-aways. To get them out of the “undecided” column in December’s House vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership promised $500 million for a new University of California-Merced Medical School in Fresno to Jim Costa (D-Calif.-20) and Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.-18.) See “Central Valley Congressmen Sell Out for $500 Million” here.

If you would like to contact these fine elected officials here is the contact information for:

Rep. Dennis Cardoza

Rep. Jim Costa


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