Only Fools Believe that Money Can Prevent the Breezes of Hell

Contrivances are already being proposed to spend the $100 billion annual United Nations tax scheme called the Green Climate Fund before it is even approved at the Climate Change meeting in Durban, South Africa. While the GCF is supposed to be used to fund green projects in developing countries, Libya, with its largest proven oil reserves in Africa, wants the money to develop a desert heat project to replace carbon fuel.

Referring to Libya’s recent ouster of the 42-year brutal dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a press statement released in Durban claimed that, “Libya did mission impossible in eight months with the help of the world. With the help of the world we can do it again, this time with global warming.”

Waves Environmental Co. Ltd. of Tajura, Libya, located in the Tripoli District, proposes The Libyan Initiative to totally replace carbon fuel with sustainable, safe and secure low cost renewable energy that they claim could be produced on a large scale to satisfy global demand. “Happy Days Ahead” claims a brochure on the company’s website

Libya is the fifteenth largest exporter of oil in the world. Oil revenues make up over half of the nation’s gross domestic product. Yet it now claims that, “The sirens are wailing. The International community has no choice but to declare a state of emergency and mobilize the global economy to steer away from harm’s way.”

The plan is to build solar based low pressure zone power plants in the Libyan desert and phase out carbon fuel to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2021. The ground surface temperatures at the sites where the giant power plants are proposed are between 158 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind constantly blowing at about 35 miles per hour would allegedly turn wind turbines to generate electricity. Heat received during the day would penetrate the ground surface and they contest would radiate back at night to maintain full operation.

The Libyan Initiative developers claim that, “A total reverse of course will be achieved 15 years earlier than the day when the breeze of hell is felt if we continue on the current course.”

The Libyan Initiative is likely a grandiose ruse to collect the $100 billion annual Green Climate Fund because it defies logic that such a system could replace carbon energy for a myriad of reasons, not least of which is that it ignores the fact that solar and wind are undependable sources of energy because the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow--even in the Libyan desert. Solar and wind power have been profitable to producers ONLY with taxpayer subsidies.

Furthermore, it is illogical to trust a country that just suffered an eight-month civil war aided by a UN-mandated mission of NATO to oust a brutal dictator and will not have elections until 2013.

The fact is, however, that nothing is logically predictable at the UN.

Contrary to all the UN’s global warming rhetoric, the only decision thus far at the Durban Climate Change meeting is that Qatar will host the 2012 Climate Change meeting. Oil revenues make up 70% of Qatar’s government revenue and more than 80% of its gross domestic product. It is the richest country in the Muslim world.

In keeping with its Qatar decision, it is doubtful that the cavalierly extravagant UN will decide wisely whether The Libyan Initiative is funded by the Green Climate Fund. It is just as likely that the meeting in Qatar will give one more excuse to the radical environmental extremists to profit by threatening mayhem during the conference unless they are paid handsomely to join in the UN’s predetermined outcome. That is the way it works at the UN.


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