Gun Control Advocate: “Arming Women is NOT the Answer to Stopping Sexual Assault”

The organization “Safe Campus” in Colorado is pushing for a November ballot initiative to BAN concealed carry on the state's college campuses.

The group’s founder, Ken Toltz says “arming more women to fight the growing epidemic of sexual assaults on campus is not the way to go.”

According to Toltz, “The statistics are really worrisome about how prevalent sexual assault is on college campuses. We’re not doing enough, and handing out guns is not the solution.”

What is your solution, Ken? Peeing on the attacker? Submitting to the rape and beating with the hope an attacker will let you live? Toltz’s phrase “handing out guns” shows just how ignorant he is about concealed carry.

For your info, Ken, there is no effort or initiative to “hand out guns” to women. People who have a concealed carry permit have had training, have a legal right to carry for the purpose of self defense, and have “purchased” their guns “legally” which is more than I can say about the criminals and thugs out there with guns.

Ken’s focus is wrong and his priorities are misplaced.

Here’s a novel idea for you Ken:

Rather than focus on disarming law abiding citizens, how about you channel your energy at stopping the thugs by increasing security on campus, better lighting at night in high risk areas, and offering free self defense and situational awareness programs for students?

According to Boulder’s The Daily Camera, Toltz also said those who defend concealed carry as a way for women to fight sexual assault “politicize” and conflate two issues – sexual assault and concealed carry – which ought to be dealt with separately.

He used these comments to try to undercut the effectiveness of Amanda Collins’s testimony before the Colorado Legislature. Collins testified about “how a concealed [carry] gun may have allowed her to stop her sexual assault as it was happening on a college campus in Nevada.”

Katherine Whitney just graduated from Colorado University’s law school. She has a concealed carry permit and said, “There are women in this state who have been raped on campus but have concealed carry permits and are still completing their degrees. It’s very important that they are able to attend a university where they’re permitted to carry on campus.”

Toltz did not explain why his group is pushing a ban that will disarm law-abiding female gun owners who go through an extensive personal background check before being issued a concealed carry permit for self-defense.

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