The President's Pep Rally Speech on Obamacare

The head cheerleader in charge held a pep rally this week. Standing in front of a boisterous pep squad of bureaucrats from HHS and Democrats who support ObamaCare, the President declared his mission accomplished.

However, not there and not invited were millions who had lost their plans and lost their doctors that the President promised that they could keep. Many citizens have seen their health insurance costs rise, their deductibles increase, and their coverage decrease, and they weren't there either.

One single mom in my district wrote me that she had to send her son off to live with her parents because she could no longer afford to support him due to the rise in her health care costs under ObamaCare. She wasn't there either.

But the President declared the debate over repealing ObamaCare is over. Not so fast, Mr. President. College pep rally campaigning in front of a handpicked audience won't change the fact that ObamaCare is bad medicine for America.

And that's just the way it is.


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