You Might Be A Liberal...

If you think people who protest aborting unborn babies are terrorists, but people who protest the execution of murderers are heroes…you might be a liberal.

If you think speakers at universities who defend any conservative policy should be shouted down, but pornographic public behavior or classroom displays are free speech…you might be a liberal.

If you believe that hard or dangerous work in the military restricts a mind, but graduate education in the social sciences expands it…you might be a liberal.

If you think schools should celebrate Obama’s election, but having a Christmas tree violates “the separation of church and state,” you’re probably a liberal.

If you are convinced that belief in God is for small-minded provincials, but enlightened people know that unrestricted human carbon emissions will make the world uninhabitable for future humans…yoouuu might be a liberal.

If you think society will be safer and killers couldn’t and wouldn’t get guns to kill people if government just made guns illegal…YOU might be a liberal.

If you think toy guns, spankings and religious education are dangerous for children, but public grade-school sex education and being adopted by a gay couple are good for them…you MIGHT be a liberal.

If you think statistics-based affirmative action in education and work is noble, but statistics-based police policies of pursuit and frisking are dastardly and unconstitutional profiling…odds are you’re a liberal.

If you believe a tiny fraction of the world’s facilities might be maintained on solar and wind power…you are a stout liberal.

If you believe the best way to grow an economy and create jobs is for government to take money out of the economy or borrow against it, and decide where to invest the non-government part of it…you might be a liberal.

If you think oil companies can explore and extract oil, refine a large part of what makes and serves every-day life from plastics to cleaners and lubricants, and supply gasoline and other fuels, all over the world on thin margins in a hotly competitive market, and do all this without turning the necessary profit…you are qualified to be a liberal.

If you believe medical insurance is better managed by the bureaucrats of a government that is $17 trillion in debt, who neither require or aspire to customer satisfaction or necessarily survival and none of whom are business savvy, rather than the experienced administrators of health insurance companies that survive only by satisfying customers and making a profit to pay for claims…sounds like you are a liberal.

If you think government can throw money indefinitely after scratching every experienced itch because it can always print more…you are a potential liberal.

If you think in the minds of his opponents, the most significant problem with President Obama is his African heritage…you are probably a liberal.

If you think Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass-destruction, but Obama “misspoke” about keeping medical plans and doctors if you like them…you might be a liberal.

If you think Barack Obama of sealed education records and scant law-teaching records is a public policy genius, but you think national debate champion, constitutional scholar and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School whom liberal Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz called “off the charts brilliant,” and who has several times argued cases there and taught Supreme Court Litigation for five years at The University of Texas Law School, Ted Cruz, is a buffoon…then you are DEFINITELY, certifiably, definitively, a Liberal! Your card is in the mail.




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