Update From Laredo Rancher on Los Zetas Drug Cartel Story

The story about the Laredo ranches being taken over by Los Zetas continues to be an interesting developing story. US Border Watch will continue to research this developing story with the goal of finding the truth.

I will post updates as I am able to verify pieces of the story that confirm or deny the story. Any people who have direct information about this story are encouraged to contact me at [email protected]. I can also arrange for phone contact if that would be preferred.

I just spoke with one of the ranchers who had been identified as being a victim in this story. Mr. Hector Farias of Laredo, spoke with me on the phone this morning about this matter. He told me the first he heard of this story was when he was contacted by the FBI. He has owned this ranch for over 30 years and has never had a problem on his ranch regarding illegal immigration or smuggling. He stated he was at his ranch over the weekend and everything was fine there and in the entire area. The story on the internet states that he was confronted by drug cartels. He said this is not true. There is no reason not to take him at his word.

US Border Watch is working on other leads and will continue with updates as information develops. Your input and comments are welcomed either via email or direct comment posting.

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We sent 6 volunteers down to Laredo that evening and the ranchers they spoke with on 1142 advised all was normal.

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