Update on Texas Meetings and Immigration Reform

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with the Mayors, City Council members, and other representatives from cities across Texas as they visit Washington to discuss local issues. I have met with delegations from Midland, El Paso, Laredo, Lubbock, Lufkin, and San Marcos, to name a few. Amidst prolonged debates over issues like health care reform and economic recovery, these meetings provide vital opportunities for me to listen to local officials as they stress what is working in their communities, and what things need to be adjusted at the federal level so that I can better serve them and all Texans across the state.

Over the last few weeks there have been reports of new developments in the effort to reform our nation’s flawed immigration system. Last week tens of thousands of advocates marched on Capitol Hill in an effort to encourage President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to make immigration reform a top priority of his Administration. Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have outlined their principles for comprehensive immigration reform, and while I applaud their efforts, any substantial effort at reform will require the President to step in and take an active leadership role. As I have said previously, I stand ready to roll up my sleeves and work with my colleagues, reform advocates, and local officials so that we can finally address this issue and fix our broken immigration system.


Instead of caving into the special interest groups that make their blood money off the hispanic illegals, how about enforcing the laws that are on the books - that would be a novel idea.  These various "secure-the-borders-but-we-need-the-illegals" groups focus on the hispanic faction, when in fact we have illegals from 70-90 countries.  These are the same groups that definitely want the illegal Nigerian who is running a multi-billion dollar identity theft ring gone from this country, or the illegal Asian who is bringing in illegal girls from Asia and forcing them into the sex slave trade, they want him gone, and how about the illegal from the middle east who turns out to be a terrorist - he absolutely must be deported, but when you get to the subject of illegal hispanics, it's strictly hands off because "we need them" (since we have a shortage of low level workers).  Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this???  Fix the system Senator Cornyn - enforce the laws on the books!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with Sen Cornyn's staff. They keep telling me Mr. Cornyn's 100% against amnesty. But I keep reading articles like this. I keep seeing videos on YouTube. Keep getting emails from my friends. I told them he is coming across as bending to the pressure. Cornyn's staff stated that right now, because of the strength of the Democrats, he has to work with them. I told the young lady on the phone that right now "if" Mr. Cornyn is against immigration, he had better stand tall and shout to the world he is "AGAINST" amnesty! Because he is coming across as if he is bending over to the Democrats on this issue. She said, to get anything done he has to work with them. I said, if he does not let the whole world know how he stands on amnesty, "WE THE PEOPLE" will feel he is bowing to the Democrats and helping in amnesty. And "WE THE PEOPLE" will be voting those too weak to stand up to the "AXIS OF POWER" out of office come November. That to me he is coming across as too weak. The blogs are showing him as too weak. These articles make him appear too weak. And my friends believe him too weak. I told her I have not fought for three years against amnesty to have some one too weak to be on my team. I think I got the message across. She appeared to have actually heard me. I hope so. Keep an eye on him America.

John Cornyn is a good man and he will be rewarded for having the courage to do what is right for Texas and America.
The Schumer-Graham immigration proposal calls for strong enforcement including a new, tamper-proof social security card. Making it impossible or at least extremely hard to work without authorization is the only way to curb illegal immigration. 
Strong enforcement plus legalization of the otherwise law abiding illegal/undocumented immigrants is the right thing to do.

Charles and Janet,

How have your cries about "amnesty" and "hypocrites" worked out for

your in the age of Obama?  If we can't stop Obamacare, what makes

you think we will be able to stop an Obama "amnesty" bill?  Instead of

supporting Senator Cornyn's efforts to craft a legislative solution we

can live with, you would rather target one of our strongest

conservative voices in the United States Senate with name calling and

charges of hypocrisy.

As for enforcing our current law, how do you think we got in this mess to begin with?  Do you honestly believe that the only thing keeping our current immigration and border security system from being effective is just a little more effort?  We have had this mess for twenty years!  It needs to be fixed with a change in the law that will address border security as well as the labor demands of our economy.

Maybe there is no way I can change your mind.  But, I think you need to look at our current political landscape, the GOP is out of power and the Democrats have total control, and rethink who you should be attacking.  


Senator Cornyn does not support amnesty, but changes in immigration laws to deal effectively with illegal immigration and its causes. Being against or angry about illegal immigration is not a policy and if every proposal is labeled amnesty we will never fix the causes of illegal immigration. No one believes we will round up 12 million plus workers overwhelmingly from Mexico or Central America and deport them due to the huge costs and how it would devastate our economy. I for one would prefer our law enforcement agencies concentrate on serious criminals like rapist and drug dealers rather than the 99% who came for hard work.Senator Cornyn supports an effective verification sytem so employers can be held responsible for whom they hire and a temporary workers program so where there are proven shortages of low skilled workers there are legal option s for those workers to enter legally as today there is no way. Few realized Congress created this problem when it imposed the 1st quotas in 1968 on the Western Hemisphere and the U.S. went from no quotas to a yearly worldwide quota of 5000 for semi and low skilled workers - talk about stupidity and shooting yourself in th foot. There are still those politicians that try to fool us by saying we want them to all go back and come in legally - and think we are so stupid we can't figure out that that would take a thousand plus years. Who would do that? My ancestors were lucky as probably yours as when they came here to work for a  better life there were on quotas on anyone.

So yelling "amnesty"" on every proposal is not one bit helpful

Think it over

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