US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales On Immigration, And Obama And His Immigration 'Party'!

“We live in a country where dreams still come true and for that reason and many others, America is worth fighting for and America is worth dying for.” - Former US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at the Austin Economic Club
He holds in his hands a photograph taken for Esquire magazine by Brent Humphreys. He related to me that this photograph was taken on a cold, bitter wet day and that over 1000 frames were taken to come up with the final photograph for the magazine. He also mentioned that he was not necessarily happy that his umbrella had become the US flag. I enjoyed his account of the day with the photographer.

I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast in Austin where the former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales addressed approximately 100 guests. My reason for wanting to attend and hear him speak came from my belief that he had received a bad deal by resigning his position in 2007. I wanted to personally see this former US Attorney General and shake his hand. He is a man of short stature, quiet, unassuming and from what I heard not a bitter man from his experience in the WH. His speech revolved mostly on immigration, border security, the economy and his life at the White House. I was very impressed with his passionate caring for America. His sentiment that America is still the greatest country on the face of the earth was music to my ears. It was pure pleasure listening to someone verbalizing the exact words my father used to say to me while growing up. Gonzales also said, “We live in a country where dreams still come true and for that reason and many others, America is worth fighting for and America is worth dying for.”

I usually do not totally agree on any subject with any politician. But listening to Gonzales’ ideas on comprehensive immigration reform, I firmly believe that we must act on this crisis that we are experiencing. Gonzales did give President GW Bush credit for trying to bring about change but acknowledged that he was unsuccessful. His comment that “the political party responsible for delivering comprehensive immigration reform and getting it done in a civil tone will win the hearts and minds of the Hispanic American voters and will likely control politics in 2012 and beyond.” I agree with him. We are in a battle for our lives and we must understand how important it is to unite all Americans to defeat this Obama administration. He went on to say that the Hispanic population has exploded and some day soon these young Hispanic Americans will be our future voters, future workforce and future state and country leaders.

Gonzales spoke about our border security and mentioned that Mexico is also afraid of having Al Qaeda members cross from Mexico into the United States and possibly cause an attack on American soil further alienating us from Mexico. He spoke on the 14th Amendment referring to the ‘anchor babies’. Babies born on our soil from undocumented immigrant mothers do give birth to Americans. He does not support an amendment changing that these babies are by law American citizens. He strongly advocates that constitutional amendments should be proposed only in cases of ‘extraordinary circumstances’. The former Attorney General also reaffirmed that he does not ‘condone’ illegal entry into the US by stating, “I cannot condone anyone coming into this country illegally.” He does not believe in amnesty because amnesty rewards those who break our laws. He said that, “We are a nation of laws and when people fail to follow the law with impunity it encourages further disobedience and breeds disrespect for the rule of law and that is not America.”

Gonzales admitted that the federal government has failed Americans in respect to border security and immigration reform. He did offer solutions to the immigration crisis partly based on discussions with President GW Bush and others at the WH while he served. He said that comprehensive immigration reform must be passed and that the policy must be capable of being implemented and that it must be fully funded. He cautioned that to really enforce immigration reform laws, we must be prepared to pay the price of more judges, more prosecutors, more US Marshalls, court houses and prisons. Today, he commented that Americans are far more concerned about the economy but even so he said, “We cannot enjoy prosperity if we do not have physical security in our homes and in our neighborhoods. Nor are we likely to exercise all of our great freedoms if we are scared for our safety.”

He urged all of us to tone down the rhetoric concerning the Mexican undocumented worker as he believes that most come only to work and in all probability want to return home to his family without becoming an American citizen. As Americans and Texans we have experienced that there are some jobs Americans do not want to do and that there are some skilled jobs Americans are not available to do. For this reason a pathway to citizenship should be part of the comprehensive immigration policy. Paying a penalty by those undocumented workers who are working and do not have a criminal record. These undocumented workers should not be given preference over the immigrant willing to abide by our immigration laws in pursuing US citizenship. He also thinks that tougher penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers should be part of immigration reform.

As Americans we have to face reality that America is changing. Gonzales noted that we must then understand that in our changing world we must ask our federal government to pass immigration laws that will support our economic interests. Gonzales went on to say, “All Americans irrespective of our skin color should fear uncontrolled changes to immigration in this country.” Our government leaders must step up to the plate and do what they are supposed to do. Easy to say, how easy is it to enforce? We all know that it will NOT happen with Obama at the helm. In fact, he will use every opportunity to work with the devil himself to win the 2012 election. Tuesday, April 19, Obama met with Arnold Schwarzenegger the actor Republican from the failing state of California, Michael Bloomberg from New York who supports the Muslims over the 911 supporters, and San Antonio’s Mayor Julian Castro whose mother believes we stole Texas from Mexico and hates the Alamo. What do you suppose they are planning? Could it be a civil comprehensive immigration plan for the starving undocumented Mexican worker? Or could it be a pathway to his 2012 Victory?

Unfortunately, the news of this meeting is obscure in the media and we may never know exactly what was said. Below is the list of the Socialists/Democrats from the WH as to the attendees to the immigration reform ‘party’. There may be a handful who are not Socialists/Democrats but certainly are in the minority. Note that no members of congress were invited. We will know how Obama is ‘helping’ the poor undocumented Mexican worker from the evil greedy Americans who do not want to share soon enough.

Obama talks immigration with officials -- but no members of Congress

The administration officials expected to attend the meeting include, according to the White House:

Attorney General Eric Holder

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano

Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to the President & Senior Advisor

Nancy Ann DeParle, Assistant to the President & Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy

Melody Barnes, Assistant to the President & Director of Domestic Policy Council

Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy & Director of National Economic Council

Austan Goolsbee, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

Cecilia Munoz, Deputy Assistant to the President & Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Heidi Avery, Deputy Assistant to the President for Homeland Security

Stakeholders expected to attend the meeting include:

Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals

Hon. Michael Bloomberg, City of New York

Bill Bratton, Former Police Chief, City of Los Angeles and City of New York

Hon. Julian Castro, Mayor, City of San Antonio

Secretary Michael Chertoff, Former Secretary Homeland Security

Governor John Engler, President and CEO, Business Roundtable

Hon. Eric Garcetti, City Council, President City of Los Angeles

Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Former Secretary of Commerce

Raymond Kelly, Commissioner, New York City Police Department

Senator Mel Martinez, Former United States Senator/Chairman, Florida, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean JP Morgan Chase

Greg Page, Chairman & CEO, Cargill

Secretary Federico Pena, Former Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Energy

John Podesta, CEO, Center for American Progress

Charles Ramsey, Chief of Police, City of Philadelphia/President, Major City Chiefs

Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network

Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former California Governor

Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO

John C. Wester, Bishop, Archdiocese of Salt Lake City


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Where in Mr. Gonzalez's speech did he address the question of why the Obama administration, which says jobs are a "top priority," is permitting 8 million illegal aliens to keep their jobs, and each month continuing to issue 125,000 work permits to foreign workers while 22 million American citizens are unable to find full-time work?

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