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George Morovich is a Republican candidate running for U.S Representative of the 25th Congressional District of Texas.

George L. Morovich is a lifelong Texas resident born in Galveston (1956). His Great Grandfather originated from Cataro on the Adriatic coast (Austria at that time) and came to Galveston in the late 1800’s. Other ancestors on his Father’s side include early 1800 immigrants to the Republic of Texas from France and Germany (who settled in Galveston), in addition to Cherokee and Irish. On his Mother’s side who was born in Montana, her father was of German ancestry dating back to the American Revolution and her mother had an ancestor who was born in the mid 1800’s in the Republic of Mexico whose descendant married that of Cree Indians who came into the US from Canada after the war of 1812.

Mr. Morovich was raised in Harris County, graduating from Klein High School and graduated in 1978 from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, including focus on History and Earth Sciences. In 1979 he moved to The Woodlands in Montgomery County (where he still has a residence) and in 1982 began construction of his home and ranch near La Grange in Fayette County. In 1999 Mr. Morovich registered to vote in Fayette County and joined the Fayette County Republican party in 2000.

After being long term friends since 1969, Mr. Morovich married Betsy Ann Craig in 1984 and they have two children – George Anthony (1987) and Camille Elizabeth (1991). Both of their children are currently students. Betsy is a homemaker and the daughter of Andrew J. and Betty Craig, who also lived in Harris County and retired in Van Zandt County, Texas in 1976 (where they currently reside). Andy is a decorated B-17 pilot who was based in England during World War II.

Mr. Morovich worked continuously during high school and while attending college. He began work at a gas station at the age of 13 and worked at a restaurant from 15 until 21. In addition to the restaurant employment while working his way through school, he was a Student Counselor and Project Director of a research grant from the National Science Foundation for a project using biomass to clean waste water, produce feed fertilizer and energy.

After graduation from college in 1978 he has been involved with companies that design, manufacture and construction of large environmental structures. The first four years were in the Engineering and Manufacturing Departments of a company constructing steel plate structures (petroleum and water storage tanks). Since 1982 he has been involved with large aluminum structures used for petroleum storage, water storage, waste water treatment, bulk storage and architectural applications. He has served as Vice President of Industrial Products and also as a Consultant, but since 1982 his responsibility is Business Development, Contracting and Project Management. For the past 20 years a primary focus has been the “downstream” Petroleum Industry (from storage of crude oil collected and shipped for refining to the distribution of finished petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel).

Since 1982, Mr. Morovich has served on various Industry Committees related to Trade, Standards for Construction and Environmental Standards (Emissions). Memberships have included: American Water Works Association, Texas Rural Water Association, Water Environment Federation, Independent Liquid Terminals Association, and American Petroleum Institute. In October 2009 Mr. Morovich received 20 Year Service Awards from the American Petroleum Institute for his work with Industry Standards used by both Industry and Governments worldwide and produced by the Committee on Refinery Equipment for Design, Construction and Inspection of Petroleum Storage Equipment and by the Committee on Emission Loss Estimation for Emissions Inventory. It is through this effort that Mr. Morovich knows the value of our Nation being the leader and setting the Industry Standards used by the rest of the world. This leadership role means jobs for our people.

Work has taken Mr. Morovich to visit many parts of the world. He has traveled extensively within the USA, Canada and Mexico, with multiple visits to Britain, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Palestine, Israel, the Peoples Republic of China, plus visits to South Africa, Russia and countries in Central and South America.

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