John Faulk

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John Faulk is a candidate for U.S. Representative for the 18th Congressional District of Texas.

John Faulk was born, raised and educated in the Texas 18th Congressional District. His family has lived and worked in the district since the late 1880’s. His great-uncle Nick had a dairy farm which was located at FM 249 and FM 1960 where the AMC Willowbrook is located.

After graduating from J.H. Reagan High School in 1964, John earned a BBA from U of H and an MBA from U of H Clear Lake. John served in the US Navy (1967/1968) as a Second Class Photographer’s Mate with several helicopter squadrons.

John has been active in several United Methodist Churches, the Boy Scouts of America, Sam Houston Area Council and the U of H Clear Lake Alumni Association.

After a successful career as a public accountant and in health care administration, John is now a semi-retired accountant.

John is a conservative Republican and an ardent Constitutionalist who will give the voters of the Texas 18th Congressional District a clear choice between a “red” or “blue” representative. You can follow John Faulk on Facebook and on Twitter.

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