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Lauro Garza, also known as "Larry" in his yourth, is a talented guy. He is a renaissance man, well read, intelligent, analytical, creative, tenacious, humorous, educated and also a man of convictions. He has been called "The Idea Man," a maverick, confrontational, uncompromising, intuative, and a funny guy.

With many years of college education, 25 years of law enforcement experience, Lauro is a world-class investigator, intelligence analyst and consultant. He has founded a bilingual investigation firm called Intelligence, Investigation and Protection Resources based in the Houston area and provides professional and ethical investigative services for select clientele who demand quality and discretion.

Because he is inventive and often comes up with creative solutions to what seem insurmountable problems or has often found flaws in the expert's proposals, Lauro is great with concepts and development. Because of his intelligence and tenaciousness he has proven time and again that he can develop the idea, create the agenda, and promote the project. Whatever your project, problem or dream, Lauro can help you create it, develop it and market it!

Lauro is also a talented writer and voice actor. Please see some of his writing samples here. Lauro has developed a new talk radio concept called LatinoTalk which presently produces Lauro's Conservate Latino Talk Radio on BlogTalk Radio. Being an excellent and versatile writer and a particularly gifted voice talent naturally lend him the skill of public speaking and consultation. Lauro is also a funny guy, who is able to perform entertaining impressions and differing accents at an instant. He has an excellent voice for recording and telecommunications and has been said to be, "very good looking on the phone!" Thus, Lauro, after an extensive law enforcement career also seeks to promote his short stories, memoirs and exploit his voice acting and speaking skills.

Having grown up on his father's cattle ranch in Jim Hogg County, Texas, "The Vaquero Capital of Texas" and having worked as a "1930’s era cowboy reenactor" Lauro has learned many of the "ins and outs" of the ranching business and begun developing a new type of ranching operation for the 21st century.

Lauro Garza is a renaissance man. He has a multi faceted education, extraordinarily broad experience and numerous talents and interests. Whatever your issue may be, Lauro can help find a solution.


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