Velma Hart–The ultimate teachable moment

A woman named Velma Hart spoke at a town hall directly to President Barack Obama and gave the entire country the ultimate teachable moment.

What makes Ms. Hart so powerful is that she is probably the first and only person who cannot be destroyed for criticizing Barack Obama.

Think back to Joe the Plumber. He was a guy named Joe Wurzelbacher just living his life. He asked a question that resulted in one of the only slips in an otherwise well run Obama campaign. Within hours, he was being investigated.

I met Joe the Plumber last week. I spoke with him at length. He really is that ordinary guy who enjoys a good beer and a Cincinnati Bengals game. That is not an act. He is as authentic as it gets.

Yet he is also a conservative and a proud Christian. For these and no other reasons…let me say this real slowly so everyone can understand why he needed to be taken down…for these and only these reasons…the left had to vilify him.

Anybody who has ever been a threat to Barack Obama has been ripped to shreds. John McCain is no longer a threat. The media criticism of him has disappeared. Sarah Palin has the Obama White House terrified. She is a religious Christian and a conservative woman. The left has to destroy her.

Christine O’Donnell is the next woman that the left is going to rip to shreds. She is a conservative woman and an evangelical. That is all it takes.

The left will claim it will be because of issues swirling around her, but much of that is stuff the left simply falsified. So the left makes up rumors, enough people believe it, and then those rumors are cited as evidence. To paraphrase that biblical song, may the circle of logic be unbroken, by and by lord, by and by.

(Christine O’Donnell is also gorgeous. Hot women are despised. It is called jealousy.)

(Mark Levin pointed out that Christine O’Donnell never joined the Klan or drove a car off of a bridge. The obsession with her background is because she is an evangelical conservative.)

Yet Velma Hart will not be demonized. She will be treated as the most sincere woman on Earth.

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Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His books, Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence, and Ideological Idiocy are available now.



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