(VIDEO) Anderson Cooper Continues to Investigate Eddie Bernice Johnson's (CD-30) Ever Changing Scholarship Scandal Story

Anderson Cooper is not letting Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) off easily! Monday night on CNNs AC360, Anderson Cooper continued his investigation into the Eddie Bernice Johnson Scholarship Gate, calling her out for her ever-changing, inconsistent story.

When the scandal first broke, EBJ claimed she was sorry and that she was not aware of the rules she violated. But Monday, when she spoke about it with the Dallas Morning News, she refused to apologize and denied breaking any rules.

Congressman Johnson also claimed that she had more important things to do than figure out ways to get her relatives a few thousand dollars. If thats so, then how do you explain the personalized letters she wrote the CBC Scholarship Foundation to have scholarship monies for her own grandchildren and other relatives, paid out by CBC via personal checks made payable directly to her grandchildren and great-nephews? EB Johnson defended herself by saying that she did not write the letters. So, does that mean the letters were forged? Isnt that a matter in itself? Unless specifically directed by Congresswoman Johnson herself, why would staff members go out of their way, risking their job and integrity, to forge a personalized letter by E.B. Johnson in order to help her relatives? It doesnt make sense. 

Watch below as Anderson Cooper discusses this scandal with Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News reporter and the person that broke the story. 

Eddie Bernice Johnson is just another long-term Washington Democrat who thinks she is above the people she represents. She must be held responsible for her actions. Help vote her out by supporting her opponent, Republican Stephen Broden.


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