(VIDEO) Environmentally Correct Way to Order Chicken

Fred Armisen has gone from playing President Obama on Saturday Night Live to playing a hippie in his new show "Portlandia." Below, Fred Armisen and his co-star Carrie Brownstein give a great example of the environmentally correct way to order chicken.

Waitress: "If you have any questions about the menu, please let me know."

Brownstein: "I guess I do have a question about the chicken if you could just tell us a little more about it."
Waitress: "The chicken is a heritage breed, woodland raised chicken that's been fed a diet of sheep's milk, soy, and hazelnuts."
Armisen: "This is local?"
Waitress: "Yes, absolutely."
Armisen: "I'm going to ask you just one more time, and this is local?
Waitress: "It is."
Brownstein: "Is that USDA organic or Oregon organic or Portland organic?
Waitress: "It's just all across the board organic."
Armisen: "And hazelnuts, these are local?"
Brownstein: "How big is the area that the chickens were able to roam free?
Armisen: "I'm sorry to interrupt, I had exactly the same question."

The questions continue until the two ask the waitress to hold their table so they can drive to the farm to check out where the chicken came from. Watch this hilarious clip below:


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