(VIDEO) No Documents? No Problem! Fox 5 News Goes Undercover on a Tax-Payer Funded Construction Site

What happens when a company gets caught ignoring the law? An investigative news team from Atlanta's Fox 5 News recently found out when it took a hidden camera onto a government-funded public school construction site. According to ConstructionCitizen.com:

What they found was a “sub-sub-contractor” – a masonry company using illegal workers to do the work, to the detriment of local masonry companies who only use legal verified workers. By state law, all construction workers on publicly funded projects in Georgia must have their identities checked with E-Verify to be sure that they have a legal right to work, but the masonry company laying bricks on a new school was "not even registered as an E-Verify company."

See video below:

I-Team: Hiring Illegal Immigrants: MyFoxATLANTA.com


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If we need money to enforce our borders and make sure workers are legal this is just the kind of company that we need to hit with huge fines! Think of the revenue we could pull in.

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