(VIDEO) Rep. Steve King: Obamacare is a "Malignant Tumor"

As the House votes on the health care repeal bill tomorrow, the repeal bill's sponsors, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), refers to Obama's health care bill as a malignant tumor and explains why "On the Record."

I thought I should put it into a health care vernacular, and I think it describes what it is. It's -- it actually -- it eats away at America's liberty. Our guaranteed rights that come in our Constitution are diminished by the federal government deciding what health care we will have, what health care insurance policies we'll be able to buy and what tests we'll be able to take and which doctors we'll be able to go to. So it does, it's a cancer that eats away at us, and we've got to repeal it completely, pull it out by the roots so it doesn't grow back again. That's the malignant tumor idea.

Congressman King also made an interesting statement about the true number of people who will be left without health insurance if the health care bill is repealed and what should be done to help those people:

There are about 47 million uninsured in America, according to the numbers of the Democrats. If we subtract from that those who qualify for Medicaid, those who qualify under their employer but who refuse the coverage, those that have affordable options such as make $75,000 or more a year and more, those that are illegal, you reduce the number of 47 million down to about 12.1 million. That's less than 4 percent of the population. And it's wrong for us to try to change 100 percent of the policy to address less than 4 percent of the population in America.
…You know, that's a little bit different kind of a situation, and the states can deal with that. And we can subsidize some of that. Some of those people that are in that list are those who have pre-existing conditions.

Watch the interview below:


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