(VIDEO) Voter Machine Won't Let Texan Vote for Rick Perry, Caught on Tape! Error or Fraud?

In the video below, Texas voter Don Reylea tries to cast his vote for Rick Perry, but the Votetronic polling machine had other plans. This video was taken in Dallas, Texas at the Audelia Library. Reylea recounts what happened:

Went to early vote today and discovered a serious bug in the Votetronic Polling Machine. The machine would not let me vote for Rick Perry for Governor of Texas (yeah I know, I had to decide between the lesser of two evils and i figured Rick). When I select Rick it unselected all other candidates and selected all Green Party Candidates. Bug/Glitch or Hack?
I had to raise a stink and get put on another polling machine. Anyone else find anything like this with these machines?
Be aware of what is being selected when you use these machines, ask a polling person to switch machines if you run into issues.




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The video was made private because it was clear (if you watched closely) that the voter was pretending to try to vote for Rick Perry, but actually voting for Shafto with his thumb.  As an honest Republican, I request that you take down this post until you verify the video.  Republicans win elections fairly and squarely, not by making up lies like many Democrats.  Let's take the high road here.

I'm the guy who originally posted the link to the video  on Reddit.  It's not a fake, he's not using his thumb and even if he was, where his thumb was was not where the area is to "vote for all members of this party".  That is higher up on the screen.

The video is real.  I'm the guy who posted the link to it.

Please make the video public.

I can't make the video public.  I'm not the guy who posted it.  Too many people and organizations were contacting him for more information and well, Friday is still a work day.  It is a bit much to take in when you're trying to get your job done.  If things calm down a little over the weekend, he might make it public again, but it's not my video.  I don't make the call.  

Would you mind emailing [email protected], we would like to do an interview.

He can't be using his thumb, the thumb is not as long as the index finger. Try touching your computer screen with your index finger the way he is touching the voting screen. Then try to touch your screen with your index finger and your thumb, see how you have to contort your hand to accomplish that? Ya...

Repubs win fairly eh? What do you call that incident in florida where tens of thuosands of voters just happened to get disenfranchised in Bush's favor when it just so happened that Jeb Bush and his cronies were running that state at the time.

When are you all gonna stop buying into this Bi-Partisan illusion?! They ping-pong you all from one side of the isle to the other each election cycle. When it comes down to it though, the policies which are more detrimental to our country are simply upheld. We are borrowing money from our great great grandchildren right now to fund wars over oil pipelines and poppy fields. Our jobs are being outsourced to China and other cheap dictated labor (look up China's labor laws/wages) regions where workers have no choice but to work for cents on the dollar to make the rich richer.

Republicans and Democrats alike brought the legislations to pass that are causing the fall of our great country. The get us sick of them in cycles and then just give the illusion of change, but you just get another corporate big-wig turned politician who is out to serve the interests that put money in his pocket.

There are several countries that have banned the use of electronic voting. Theres a little food for thought. I also work in the technology sector and I will tell you first hand that there is NO SUCH THING AS A SECURE COMPUTER.


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