View Eddie Bernice Johnson's (TX-30) Rejection Letter to "Very Worthy" Applicant

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (CD-30) has been under fire for steering Congressional Black Caucus scholarship money to her own relatives and relatives of her aide. Among the many excuses she has been using, is that had there been more "very worthy applicants in my district" then "I probably wouldn’t have given it" to the relatives." TexasGOPVote reported on one "very worthy" but also very angry student who was rejected from receiving Eddie Bernice Johnson's scholarship. The frustrated student stated:

...The saddest part of your crime is that given the communities and demographics that make up the 30th Congressional District of Texas, there are likely hundreds, if not thousands of students in situations like mine... and yet in your eyes we are summarily less than "deserving" of equal rights and equal opportunity.

Now another "very worthy" applicant has come out explaining that she, too, was rejected from the scholarship. According to CBS11 News:

21-year-old DaVetta Carter of Dallas thought she qualified for one of those scholarships. Carter lives in Johnson's district but was denied. "It was kind of hurtful to see that I didn't qualify for it, but it was just something I had to move on from."
Carter was college material. She graduated 9th in her class at Dallas' A. Maceo Smith high school, played sports, and volunteered 800-hours at the Veterans Administration hospital in Dallas, all to impress the people who award scholarships.
"I think she's bright, she's enthusiastic. She's got motivation, she's got drive. Nobody comes to the VA when they're in high school, for 800-hours - unless they're motivated" says Cater's mentor, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Ray Huebner.
...Huebner and friends scraped up some cash, and Carter attended college for three semesters before the money and loans ran out and she had to quit. It's been learned that for years Johnson has been awarding money from the Congressional Black Caucus to family and friends.

Watch the interview with DaVetta Carter here.

Below is the recommendation letter retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Ray Huebner wrote on DaVetta Carter's behalf when she applied for Eddie Bernice Johnson's scholarship. (Click here to download readable version.)

Below is the scholarship rejection letter signed by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. (Click here to download readable version.)


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The more I look at Congress, the more it makes me sick at their abuse of power. I don't care which party!!!! My heart goes out to my granddaughters, as they'll pay for the crap Congress is doing to us today. Yet for all they're doing (Congress), even more is going on locally that we continue to ignore. Fight Congress all you can, but get involved locally, any way you can or there will no longer be a free nation for our grandchildren.

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