Voice of the Conservative Vote: Alex Cortes

Alex Cortes is the Executive Director of Let Freedom Ring. Cortes also serves as the spokesperson for DeFundIt.org, the Foundation's first initiative that is advocating for the de-funding of ObamaCare as the most immediate solution to effectively defeating the law before repealing and replacing it.

Previously, he founded BornAliveTruth.org, a $1.5 million 527 organization during the 2008 election that informed voters of the reality that then-State Senator Barack Obama voted four times against providing medical care to infants that survive abortions.

Then Cortes went on to work for Governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign and most recently was the Campaign Manager for a congressional campaign.

He has been interviewed on Fox News and CNN, has had editorials published by Washington Times and Politico, and has been quoted by Financial Times and Investor’s Business Daily among many others.

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"With the shrinkage of the Republican base by 9 percent over the last few years increasing the importance of attracting voters beyond the base, it is critical that Republicans frame the discussion of their policies in the context of the two moral foundations that resonate with the entire country: Care and Fairness." - Alex Cortes

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