Voice of the Conservative Vote: Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick is the Texas State Senator for Senate District 7. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who has led the charge on important legislation like small business tax cuts and the sonogram bill. Since arriving in the Senate in 2007 he has learned to build coalitions to pass over 100 pieces of legislation and has become a key ally to others. In his three sessions, Dan has not missed one day on the Senate floor and has only missed 6 of more than 13,000 votes.

Some of the legislation he passed, of which he is most proud, is placing "In God We Trust" permanently in the Senate chamber for the first time in history; placing "Under God" in the state pledge; and, passing a $170 million tax cut for small businesses. In 2011, Senator Patrick finally passed the Sonogram Bill to protect women and the unborn. Dan is a leader on education issues, veterans' issues, and Second Amendment rights.

As Senator, he has been recognized as Legislator of the Year by law enforcement groups, been consistently ranked as the leading conservative in the Senate, was honored to receive the Texas Association of Business' top award twice, and was named the third most influential Republican in Texas by the Austin American Statesman.

Dan is the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and serves on a total of 12 committees and sub committees, including some of the most important in the Senate including Finance, Sunset, Health and Human Services, and Criminal Justice.

Dan has been married to Jan, a former school teacher, for 38 years. Their son Ryan is a Harris County Criminal Court District Judge. Their daughter Shane is a registered nurse. In 2010, Dan and Jan were blessed with their first grandchild Zachary Colton Patrick.

Dan hosts a daily afternoon talk show on KSEV AM 700 in Houston and has raised over $16 million for children with disabilities through his radio station over the years. Dan has also written a best-selling book, produced an award winning movie, plays piano and guitar, and paints in his spare time — which isn't much since being elected in 2006.


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