Voice of the Conservative Vote: Daniel McCool

Born in 1962, Harris County Deputy Sheriff Daniel McCool and his 4 siblings were abandoned by their mother on his first birthday, and they spent the next almost three years living in an orphanage- as it was near to impossible for a single father to take care of five children on his own back in the early 1960's. However, his father remarried (which then added four more children to the mix – for a total of 9 children) and they moved from Oklahoma to Texas. His father believed Texas was a place that a person who was willing to work hard could succeed.

After graduating from Deer Park High School in 1980, Daniel McCool enlisted in the Army. There he excelled and received various medals and honors, including representing his unit as Soldier of the Year. Coincidentally, for several years this is where he and the late Texas’ Republican National Committee Chairwoman Borah Van Dormolen, worked daily side by side.

Now, he has been serving for over twenty-three years as a Deputy Sheriff at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and has earned numerous certifications. He has developed education programs in Methamphetamine, Cyber-Crimes, Identity Theft, and Community Orientated Policing.

He has been honored many times with “Deputy of the Year” and distinctions from various groups around the county and state. He was also nominated for a 100 Club award for his heroic actions after entering an apartment engulfed in flames, and carrying an elderly woman from the second floor to safety. Furthermore, his extraordinary efforts in crime prevention earned him the Texas Crime Prevention Association’s 2010 distinguished “Horizon” Award.

In 2010, he believed that the leadership in the Sheriff’s Department was not standing up for equal opportunity for all Deputy Sheriffs in the department so he founded the Caucasian Law Enforcement Organization.

Like so many Americans, Daniel McCool became frustrated with “politics as usual” so he decided to take action. Daniel decided the best way to start helping the constitutional conservative movement was to get involved at the grassroots level. As most of you know, Daniel has worked tirelessly to promote local, state and federal conservative candidates and causes in just about any way that a person can, including block-walking, phone-calling, sign-posting, poll-working and even going so far as to found two new clubs -- Lone Star Republicans and South Belt Area Republicans. Through his dedication and hard work, Daniel has built a strong reputation. You could say he is a poster child for the “Grass Roots”.

Daniel joined the Clear Lake Area Republicans Club in 2009 and within a short time became their Treasurer. He has chaired the club’s United for Victory fundraiser for the last 3 years. He was voted Most Valuable Member in 2010. Daniel’s dedication and hard work for the club was again recognized by the members in 2012 when they elected him to serve as their President for 2013.

Daniel has been instrumental in expanding the conservative Republican philosophy in our area. He is also active in many of the local Tea Party groups. Additionally, he has been involved in the new Wake Up Texas initiative, which is a voter education initiative that spreads the word to the people about traditional Conservative Values and why it’s the right path for Texas.

Daniel has also served the community as an Election Clerk, GOP Precinct Delegate, GOP Senate Delegate, and Sergeant at Arms for the Texas GOP Convention.

In 2011, Daniel decided to take another step in public service by running for public office. He ran for Texas Senate District 11. He quickly gained support from grassroots activists in the Tea Party Movement, RagingElephants.org, and nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Michael Berry, because of his conservative stance on issues. Daniel worked hard and gained a lot of support during his campaign, but he came up short in his run for the state senate. However, as typical for Daniel, he didn’t quit in his efforts to help the constitutional conservative cause. If anything, he became even more dedicated in his efforts.


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