Voice of the Conservative Vote: Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is an author, speaker, blogger, and radio host. You can read his articles at this blog site: theblacksphere.net and learn more about his books here: 

The Big Black Lie

Sexy Brilliance... and Other Political Lies

Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background.

He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients. Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.

“What you learn about America is people are a lot less interested in race than they are in character.” Jackson believes that empowerment comes when you know who you are and what you stand for.

Jackson is a national speaker, a radio show host on Salem Communications out of Tampa, FL, and he is a frequent guest on a variety of other national radio shows.

In addition to his Amazon best-selling The BIG Black Lie, Jackson has released his sophomore offering, Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies.

If you think you recognize Jackson, it is likely from his numerous TV appearances on the Glenn Beck Show, The Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and MSNBC to name a few.

Jackson writes his almost daily blog, and is a syndicated writer for TakiMag.com. He contributes to Breitbart’s Big Government, as well as Human Events and American Thinker. His work has been been featured in Townhall magazine, and about all other national print media.

Along with being a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Jackson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He owned his own manufacturer’s representative agency in Texas and served as the Vice President of Sales for a Dallas-based technology firm. Jackson has been part of the executive management team for various IT systems integration firms, notables being Hitachi Consulting and CSC Consulting, and he has provided management consulting services to some of the world’s largest corporations.

"You are more than your race, gender, or ethnicity. These things are very small aspects of who you are, yet these characteristics of you are constantly used by politicians to put you in a box, to separate you as an individual. Once you have been catalogued, the manipulation begins."

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