Voice of the Conservative Vote: Mark C. Brown

Mark C. Brown is Chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation, which seeks to grow the Republican Party within the crucial under 40 demographic, focusing particularly among 22 – 35 year olds. As Chairman, Mark provides strategic leadership for a statewide organization of 15 federated clubs to provide political education, develop new leaders, and lead members in political activism. Mark is the owner of Red Door Management, Inc, a property management firm focusing on small apartments and rental homes and has previously served on the zoning board of adjustments in San Marcos, TX. Mark earned a Masters Degree in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, after completing field research and writing a thesis on Iquito, a nearly extinct language spoken in the Peruvian Amazon. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Classics from Baylor University.

"Having an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream, rejecting crony capitalism, and simplifying laws and regulations to restore a limited government that no longer intrudes into every aspect of our business and personal lives - these are the values that the rising generation of Young Republicans embrace."

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