Voice of the Conservative Vote: Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan is running for U.S. Congressional District 21. As a software engineer who’s spent the last decade building interactive web applications, Morgan has a deep understanding of how computers and the internet work and feels that the technology community needs a voice in Congress before it’s too late.

The internet has been responsible for 15% of U.S. growth in GDP over the last five years, and Congress has been continually proposing legislation that would do irreparable damage to the internet. SOPA would have put an enormous burden on ISP’s as well as web hosting companies, it would have added extreme liability to technology startup companies, and it would have caused high-paying, high-tech jobs to move overseas permanently in search of less regulation.

Morgan believes that the internet has been deregulation’s biggest success story in history and believes the private sector can handle the industry’s challenges better than the government can. In Congress, he will fight to keep the internet a free and open platform. He also supports limited government interference in general and would seek to lower taxes and cut spending. Please refer to the Issues pages to read more about specific stances on other issues.

"I believe that education is inherently a local issue and that parents and the community can do a better job educating a child than a bureaucrat in DC could do. Rather than sending our tax dollars to DC so that a portion of it can be sent back with strings attached, I would fight to return education spending to the state and local level."

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