Voice of the Conservative Vote: Roy Huntington

A life-long hunter and shooter, Roy Huntington retired from the San Diego Police Department in 1998, after growing a second career as a free-lance writer, focusing on firearms and police topics. His intimate knowledge of the firearms industry allowed him the freedom to move right into the outdoor industry after retirement, first as a sales and marketing manager, then editor of POLICE Magazine, and ultimately editor of FMG Corporation's American Handgunner Magazine. Roy is now the Publisher of FMG's consumer magazines, founded American COP magazine for FMG, and remains very active in the industry. He is careful to stay in close touch with his readers to keep a finger on the pulse of what concerns them. He lives and works with his wife, Suzi — also a retired police officer — on acreage in Missouri

"Shooters and manufacturers aren't demons of darkness. They're just the same as Suzy Homemaker. We're just people. We have professions and we're in an industry that is very pro-American."

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