Voter Fraud

We will not be Silenced is a documentary that was just recently released, which explains how many Hillary Clinton supporters felt disenfranchised in the Party Caucus throughout the 2008 Democratic primary season.

I will begin by noting that I am not saying that Obama stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton, but I don’t doubt for one minute that Obama used caucus rules more effectively than Clinton, and in the process, some questionable things occurred that probably border on the illegal. (One conservative blogger, Ed Morrissey observed, “The allegations appear to be entirely confined to caucus states, which is one of the reasons I’m skeptical. Caucuses are bare-knuckled brawls where the parties make the rules and the campaigns routinely and viciously fight over them. I have no trouble believing that Team Obama played hardball and cut as many corners as they could without getting caught. What I have trouble believing is that Hillary Clinton wasn’t doing the exact same thing in these states. After all, Hillary was hardly a babe in the woods. The Clinton Machine had been fighting these battles since Obama was in high school.”)

In the Texas primary, Clinton carried the popular vote and ended up with fewer delegates than Obama since the Democratic Party process includes electing delegates through popular vote and caucus. What the film shows is that there is a larger pattern at work. The Black Panther incident during the 2008 campaign featured baton holding thugs standing in front of a voting booth. During J. Christian Adams appearance in front of the Civil Right Commission, the topic turned to whether the Obama justice department would enforce existing laws covering voter’s fraud. Mr. Adams accused the Obama administration of refusing to enforce the provision in the motor vehicle law requiring states to clean up their voter rolls.

Put the pieces together and you have a political Party that is willing to cheat to garner additional votes. Take a look at the ACORN activities of registering fake voters over the past decade, the refusal to enforce existing laws requiring cleaning up voter rolls, the Black Panther incident, and now accusations from former Clinton supporters that Obama may have increased his delegate count illegally, you see a pattern of voter fraud that could prove decisive in a close election.

Dick Morris recently wrote in his book 2010, Taking America Back that Al Franken probably stole the Minnesota elections, and considering a recent report in which many illegal voters including felons voted in numbers greater than what Franken actually won by; illegal activities could tip an election one way or another.

The key issue is that stolen elections can occur, and while one has to be skeptical about whether Obama did steal delegates in many caucus states, there is no doubt that there is enough evidence that Democrats are capable of selling elections.


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