The Voter Fraud Continues

The other evening several stories struck me. In Chicago, "Glitch with vote by mail, hundreds of thousands possibly disenfranchised" blared on Drudge Report. Voter fraud being reported nationwide, including a voter noting that her ballot had Harry Reid's name automatically filled in, and in North Carolina, there were voter complaints that Republican votes turned into Democratic votes.

I remember the old adage, that Republicans have to be ahead of the margin of fraud. The Democrats have nothing left in their bag of tricks except one, steal as many of the local elections as they can. (A nun once told me that if you wanted proof of resurrection, you needed to live in Chicago where the dead regularly rise from the dead to vote Democratic on election day.)

Glen Reynolds of Instapundit admonishes us saying, "Don't get cocky!" His point is that nothing is over until the last vote is counted, and don't assume that the left won't do whatever to win - including stealing elections.


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