Walter E. Williams - Where Best to be Poor

A few days ago, Walter E. Williams wrote an article, comparing "poverty" (a relative term) in The United States, not just to those so classified in other nations, but in fact to the average citizen of other nations. For those who have not considered or investigated this matter, it's important to read this. As the article details, America's "poor" in fact enjoy many conveniences that the average person of other nations doesn't; even other "industrialized" nations such as those in Europe that have been regarded as "developed" nations for many decades. Williams also points out that what is called poverty can be measured in different ways that predetermine different results. But questions remain to be asked after reading this article. Recently, is America continuing or even capable of continuing the unprecedented


Most telling of all is the fact that the very poor and middle classes whom "progressive" champions pose to defend, are the ones who will suffer most in expanding and imposing government's constriction of freedom and commercial growth. And, the very wealthy that they pose to contain will be the beneficiaries. Even where it might to some degree be obscured or obfuscated, what we have seen in these regulations and takeovers is at least some sort of demi-fascism of government collaboration with the largest entites of American industry, whether manufacturers, insurers or bankers and financial companies. The market is squeezed to the top and smaller competitors or potential competitors are squeezed down or out. And as competition is weeded out, so is the drive to innovate in old industries and invent new ones. And, that's where the new work comes from that employs and improves the lives of new and lower-level workers. These tend in other "socialized" nations to become the subjects of a persistent higher unemployment rate. Obama is constantly speaking of how the work of this administration and Congress has "pulled us back from the brink" and "saved us from another Great Depression." Saved us? America has not had an unemployment rate this high for this long since The Great Depression, and there is no end in sight; certainly not while government gobbles up ownership and regulatory control of American industry at every opportunity. Government now leverages over half of the American economy, and counting.


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