Want a reason to oppose "Cap and Trade"? Here's fifty!

National Review Online has provided a public service by posting fifty reasons to oppose the "Cap and Trade" bill (i.e., energy tax bill).  


Here are some of my favorite reasons for hating this bill:

  • #22 - Your showerhead and faucet will now be federally regulated
  • #24 - The EPA is coming up with environmental standards for YOUR home.  Want to sell it?  Better make sure it's in compliance!
  • #25 - Own a business property?  You'll need to reduce energy use by half by 2018.  I guess you could just turn out all the lights and crank the air up to 76 degrees.  Think your tenants will mind?
  • #28 - For that same business, you will also have to start keeping track of your emissions.
  • #44 - An energy based welfare check, yes, you read that right.

Remember, the reason for passing this bill is global warming.  Is that still going on?


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