We Lost A Battle Today, But The Fight Is Far From Over

I issued the following statement today regarding the passage of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care bill:

I had hoped that one of my colleagues would have a Christmas Eve conversion and give the American people the gift they really want: a vote against the $2.5 trillion Reid Bill. We lost a battle today, but the fight is far from over. My colleagues and I will to do all that we can to identify every payoff and back room deal that Democrats cut to railroad this bill through. And we will continue to stand with millions of Americans who understand that, if this bill is enacted, their taxes will be raised, their premiums will go up and Medicare will be cut by nearly a half trillion dollars to create a new entitlement.



I am a senior citizen  and having worked for more than 40 years have been so angry because of the taking of billions of dollars that were paid into the Medicare Health Care Plan for uses other than those for which they were collected.  Do we now disregard the people who faithfully paid in their monthly premiums, taken out of they pay checks, whether they wanted it or not and reduce their benefits?  I shudder to think we are on the verge of telling our senior population that we do not care about them and at a point in time will suggest that they just die off, perhaps with help from the government, so that the health care money that would have been spent on them will be available for someone else. The plan we have now is a good one but I will agree it needs to be updated and a general clean up of its operations. There are many payments made that are not justifiable and a more concentrated effort to root out the over charges and false charges would be more justified than an entire new plan that will have more errors in it and reduce coverage for those who have been promised the Medicare coverage we currently have. 

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