Welcome to Early Voting!

Early VotingWell folks, here we go!  It's time to put our words into actions as Early Voting starts across Texas.  From now through October 29th voters across Texas will go to the polls in Early Voting to put the last two years of words into the action of taking our country back. After early voting, the remaining voters will vote on November, 2nd to determine the fate of the elections.

It has been a long road for many candidates leading to this point. Miles and miles of block walking, hours of meet and greets, thousands of shaken hands and probably even a few kissed babies. Now it is up to you, the voter to come out and do your job.

Houston Voting Machine Fire - KTRK 13Early voting is particularly important for Harris County this election. You may remember ALL of Harris County's electronic voting machines were destroyed in a fire who's origin is still undetermined. County officials under retiring Beverly Kaufman have done an amazing job in reconstructing the election process. Republican leadership has served us well in this position and we can keep that by electing Stan Stanart to replace her as County Clerk.

As the County Clerk is responsible for conducting elections in Harris County, this is a very important choice. Oddly, the Houston Chronicle endorsed the Democrat opponent in this race without asking a single question to Mr. Stanart.

Early voting locations for Harris County can be found here.  For other counties across Texas, check with your county's election officials here.

Now is our opportunity.  For well over a year, Conservatives have been working hard to put ourselves in position to take our country back. Upsets are in the making in races like Fernando Herrera in Legislative District 148, or Stephen Broden in US House District 30. Many other races across Texas that many never dreamed possible are within the grasp of the Republican challenger. Races like Sarah Davis in Houston, Rebecca Cervera in McAllen, Bill Flores in Waco, John Faulk in Houston and many others are poised to upset Democrat incumbents. But it is now up to you, The Voter who must step forward and deliver a message.

This weekend in a conversation with a Housotn area Congressman I was told, It is not enough for us to win. We must WIN BIG. We must send a message to Austin and Washington that we are fed up with an every growing government.

He is right. The time is here to send that message and that is now in your hands. VOTE EARLY! VOTE REPUBLICAN! VOTE CONSERVATIVE.

Start with the top of the ballot and elect Rick Perry as Governor. Elect a Conservative Republican to serve you in Congress. Elect Conservative Republican statewide officials to tackle the immense problems facing Texas because of the economic warfare engaged against Texas by the Obama Administration. Elect conservative state senators and legislators to give a real majority control to conservatives in Austin. Then on to your county races, judges  and school board races.  And then, finally, look at local issues at the bottom of the ballot like Proposition 1 in Houston and VOTE AGAINST Prop 1.

The candidates have done their work. The campaign volunteers have done their work. Now it is up to you. See you at the polls!

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